Darkness and Dismay

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December 2, 2013 by lellielieb

 “For Jerusalem has stumbled,
and Judah has fallen,
because their speech and their deeds are against the Lord,
defying his glorious presence.

 For the look on their faces bears witness against them;
they proclaim their sin like Sodom;
they do not hide it.
Woe to them!
For they have brought evil on themselves”

Isaiah 3:8-9

These are not happy verses.  The reading for today is much more dark than light.  I was sad about this at first, but then I remembered a passage from C. S. Lewis in Mere Christianity:

“Of course, I quite agree that the Christian religion is, in the long run, a thing of unspeakable comfort. But it does not begin in comfort; it begins in the dismay I have been describing, and it is no use at all trying to go on to that comfort without first going through that dismay.”

Christmas is the beginning of the Gospel.  Before we can comprehend the Good News as GOOD, we must understand that we need it.  So, before we consider “tidings of comfort and joy,” we must wade through the mire of dismay.

This is no less true on a personal level.  I need to examine my own need of Jesus.  I, like Israel, have brought evil on myself.  My selfishness, my pride, my desire to have the last word, my lack of compassion and understanding, all of these and more darken my world making my need for the Light of the World ever more obvious.  Today I will consider my need and wait in expectation for the Light.

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