Of Butterflies and Lammas Day


August 1, 2013 by lellielieb

Today, August 1, is, according to the Church Calendar, Lammas Day.  Honestly, I do not ever recall hearing of Lammas Day.  Here is what I read this morning:

Lammas Day. The festival of St. Peter ad vinucla in the Sarum and Roman use. Various derivations of the name are given; but far the most probable is that it is a corruption of “Hlafmas,” i.e. “Loaf-mass,” the offering of the first fruits of the new harvest. — August 1st.

I am a teacher.  The arrival of August 1 brings a mix of panic, sadness, anticipation, regret, and shock.  I was feeling very depressed as I walked the dog in the early morning gloom this morning.  A butterfly struggled in the grass on the edge of the woods.  Margie, in typical Basset fashion, stopped to give him a good sniff as he lay dying and then passed on.  For some reason, this incident filled my soul with angst.  Like the butterfly, my summer is dying.  Of the bright hopes, dreams, and goals that existed when it exited its early June chrysalis, a few have actually “flown,” but others have crashed and burned.  There have been some unexpected blessings and a few unexpected trials.  It rained A LOT more than usual.  Books were read, but I’m still several short of my goal. There are meetings I never had, cups of coffee with friends I never drank, conversations I never had, walks I never took. Tomorrow I will be able to count the days until I return to work on my fingers.  These are the thoughts that crowded my mind and struggled against reality as the grounded butterfly struggled against death.

Then I came inside, made coffee, ate a fresh blueberry muffin, turned on my computer and found out that today is Lammas Day.  I have spent some time meditating on this–an offering of the first fruits of a new harvest.  I HAVE accomplished some things this summer.  I have a whole new course planned and ready to go.  I’ve read some books that I’m excited about using in my work.  My husband is starting a new job, my children all have something new and interesting coming in their lives these next few months.  Instead of being sad that summer is passing, it is time to offer God the work of my hands.  I wish it was more, but He is the One who give the increase; He will take what ever I give Him and multiply it.  That’s what He does.

So Lord, on this Lammas Day, I offer my accomplishments of the summer.  Thankyou for the strength and time to accomplish the tasks that have been done.  Thankyou for the strength to face the tasks ahead.  My days, my weeks, my months are Yours.  Use me as You will.  Pick up my dying summer and let it soar.  My soul finds rest in You. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Of Butterflies and Lammas Day

  1. Meta Cramer says:

    Really like this, as a Presbyterian pastor who loves the BCP! Very nice reflection.

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